Battlefield 3 Beta Dated

Glorious news to accompany the announcement of official start of the Diablo 3 beta. EA has finally revealed the date for their open beta of Battlefield 3. Looking forward to shooting your friends face on September 29th (27th if you purchased the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor or pre-purchased BF3), just 9 days from now. 8 if you live in the EU. But you don’t. Because you’re not a commie. One of the two factions you can gleefully fill full of lead. On the 29th.

Arkham City Delayed on PC

The much anticipated follow-up to multiple GOTY winner Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, was slated for a release alongside its console brethren. Unfortunately the PC version has been pushed back to a release date of November 21st, a full month after the console release. The game’s publisher Warner Bros. has not released a statement explaining their reasons yet. Needless to say, many are upset. Furious even. What with only Space Marine, Deux Ex, Red Orchestra 2, Dead Island, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and others to keep us PC gamers busy for that month, whatever will we do?

Diablo 3 Beta Is Now Live

All those who were fortunate enough to receive a beta key from Blizzard for the up-and-coming action RPG, Diablo 3, can now log in to the previously released Diablo 3 clients and play the opening chapter. Blizzard also warns against possible phishing attempts, as more than a few people have fallen to this tactic already. The promise of a beta key is often too tempting to resist clicking on suspicious links before proper investigation.

Utter Disatisfaction with

I’ve been ordering products online since the early 2000’s, and up until this point have had no disputes, or issues with the retailers I’ve dealt with. My orders have ranged from Hong Kong airsoft dealers to purchasing merchandise on Either I was the luckiest online shopper to have never had issues, or that I was nit-picky in who I made business with.

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MAG Gets Second Dose Of DLC


Following up the success of their much needed patch 2.0, Zipper is releasing another add-on pack for their massively-multiplayer first person shooter, MAG (Massive Action Game). Entitled “Escalation”, this pack adds the ability for all three factions to fight against one another, at the same time. The addition of three new maps and nine new weapons also help to sweeten the deal. The maps range from volcanic to desert landscapes and the weapon pack consists of a wide assortment of assault and sniper rifles.

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Sly Collection Making Its Way To PS3

Sly Collection

The much anticipated release of the Sly Collection has been given a release date. The remake, made by Sanzaru Games, packs all three PS2 classics onto a single Blu-ray disc. Not only does this collection do the expected, upscaling these games to high definition widescreen and adding 3D support, but it also throws in something extra. Four minigames made exclusively for the Playstation Move. Each minigame features one of the four main characters, and represents a reflection of their unique personality traits.

Don’t let this deal sneak by you, the collection hits stores November 9th and will retail at $39.99 USD.

Written By: Lee D.
Lee D.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition for PS3 Sold Out?









As of the writing of this article, the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition is sold out at most major retailers, just 11 days from it’s release. The standard PS3 edition is currently ranked as #3 in Bestseller Video Games on, with pre-order sales expected to outsell it’s predecessor Modern Warfare 2.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Demo Released

Star Wars

The demo for Lucasarts’ sequel to their 2008 lightsaber-wielding hack-n’-slash, The Force Unleashed, has hit Xbox Live. In the demo the player controls Starkiller, the protagonist from the first, as he fights his way through Kamino City and eventually confronts Darth Vader himself.
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Sony Surround Sound System For PS3 Just Released Today

This new sound system is designed specifically for compatibility with the PS3 system. It was made available for purchase today in retail stores and on Sony’s website. Featuring a 2.1 channel surround sound, an integrated 30 watt subwoofer, it sports a sleek and stylish design to match the PS3.

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